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Advance Centium ICN4S5490C2LSG T5HO Electronic Fluorescent Ballast ... Advance Centium ICN-4S54-90C-2LS-G T5HO Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

4 Lamp T5ho Wiring Diagram Centium Ballasts - Apr 01, 2012  · I have a new 4 lamp T5ho light from Home Depot. I opened it up and starting to wire it. I'm confused what to do with the wires. It has a Grey/red, BLACK, and WHITE. On the ballast diagram it shows the grey/red going to Neutral or (any Hot). It also says 4 lamps on, or 2 lamps off. Whats does that mean? I left the red out and only 2 lights worked.. Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts Centium Standard T5HO PureVOLT™ Lighting Electronics Atlas 2010-2011 ELECTRONIC FLUORESCENT BALLASTS 1-4 Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts Fluorescent Ballasts No. of Lamps Dim. Wiring Dia. Min. Starting Temp. (°F/°C) Input Volts Ballast. CFL Ballasts for 4-pin Compact Fluorescent Lamps - --SmartMate®® Centium Volts Catalog Number Certifications ® Line Current (Amps) Input Power ANSI (Watts) Ballast Factor Max. THD % Min. Power Factor Dim./ Wiring Diagram Number Watts Lamp Data Size 1/ 160 10 0.96 CFQ13W/G24q - 13W CFL Quad Tube Lamp (PL-C13W/4P, F13DBX/4P, CF13DD/E).

Brand Name CENTIUM T5 Ballast Type Electronic Starting Method Programmed Start Wiring Diagram Operates 2 or 3 lamps (A) o SW o BALLAST GN BK WH YL BR GR LAMP RD LAMP Same Input Wiring (A) SW ON OFF # Lamps ON 3 Lamps ON 2 Lamps ON (B) 3 Lamps ON 1 Lamp ON (C) 4 Lamps ON 2 Lamps ON # Lamps ON # Lamps ON 2 or 4 lamps (C) BALLAST RD LAMP. ICN-4S54-90C-2LS-G Ballast 4 F54T5HO 120-277V Electronic Operates 4, 3, 2 or 1 F54T5HO/ 3, 4 FT502G11 or FT552G11 lamps, this ballast has wire leads. This is a Centium Series programmed start electronic ballast.. The Advance ICN-4P32-N electronic ballast operates four (4) F32T8 lamps at 120-277. This ballast is great for areas that require normal lighting! Instant start ballast.

4-Lamp Switching Wiring Diagram (4L to 2L) S1 ON ON ON OFF S2 4/2 4 2 *(PF < 0.9) LAMP TYPES 120V 277V 4Lx54T5HO 3Lx54T5HO 2Lx54T5HO 0.90A 0.65A 0.45A 2.00A 1.50A 1.00A 4 LAMP T5HO UNV HT Switchable Ballast Switching Schematics High Efficiency Installation Notes Input wiring for occupancy sensorsLAMPS. 2.4 Ballast shall be high frequency electronic type and operate lamps at a frequency above 42 kHz to avoid interference with infrared devices and eliminate visible flicker. 2.5 Ballast shall have a Power Factor greater than 0.98 for primary lamp.. 4.3 Manufacturer shall have a twenty-year history of producing electronic ballasts for the North American market. Notes: 1. Energy-saving T8 lamps (25W, 28W or 30W) may experience lamp striations if operated on ballasts not rated for their use..

Here's a larger view of the wiring diagram. Notice how both the red and blue wires go to one lamp. The yellow wires are, for lack of a better description, are "shared" so pin 1 of lamp 1 and pin 1 of lamp 2 go one yellow wire.. The amazing way to control every hue bulb in your home. View all apps. Connect with Philips. ProLine® T12 ballasts have the same wiring and mounting requirements as standard magnetic ballasts and provide up to 20% energy savings by simply replacing the ballast. The DOE ballast ruling effective April 1, 2005, prevents the sale of 4 foot and 8 foot lamp.

T5 & T5HO Fluorescent Ballasts When you need affordable lighting solutions of the highest standards, we have you covered. With our selection of T5 & T5HO Ballasts, you get options that are a specialized type of ballast that expedites the illumination of the T5 lamp-based lighting installation it's fixed to.. Wiring for instant start ballasts differs from that for rapid start ballasts and programmed start ballasts. In addition, the rapid and programmed start ballasts have two options for wiring when being connected with more than two T5 lamps (see figure 6)..

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