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Do I Need a Relay Harness? And How do you Install It? - GTR Lighting Not only are you providing your HID ballasts with adequate power, you are protecting both your vehicle and HID system with the inline fuse that separates ...

4 Pin Ballast Wiring Diagram - Magnetic to electronic ballast wiring. Contractor's Assistant: I notice "jumper wire" on diagrams but with my single pin fixture one socket has 1 wire and the other socket has 2 wires. Show More. I am unable to locate a clear wiring diagram on that ballast model number. I will opt out of the question and place it back to the open board.. T12 toT8, Simplifed Wiring for your customer. Wiring Diagram Upgrading from T12 lamps to T8 lamps. By Shunting the lamp socket (making both contacts common to each other) both pins on the lamp have a positive electrical contact with the one lead wire to each lamp socket.. The wiring diagram is the blueprint for the ballast circuitry, including the input supply voltage and grounding methods. A ground connection must be made to all ballasts to avoid shock hazard, personal injury or damage to the luminaire or installation..

Feb 03, 2011  · 4-pin lamps use either electronic ballast (the starting is electronically controlled by the ballast), or magnetic ballast with external starter. And yes, that one is suitable for the 38W lamp. Just remember you need the 4-pin lamp and lampholder.. Retrofit Instructions 1. Remove diffuser (if applicable) and fluorescent lamp. 2. Open\Remove Wiring Compartment Cover. 3. BallastCut off all wires which connected to ballast.. Select the appropriate wiring diagram to connect the emergency ballast to the AC ballast and lamp. Make sure all connections are in accordance with the National Electrical Code and any local regulations..

VIVA VEB 82155 Electronic Circline Ballast, 55W, Operates a FC55/2C, F2C55T6 55W Lamp with a 4-pin Lamp Socket Connector Attached. VIVA Electronic Fluorescent 55W Circline Ballast with Connector Original replacement for many fixtures from Sea Gull. 1400 lumens when using this lighting device may be used with other ballasts. consult the factory for other wiring diagrams. emergency ballast and ac ballast must be fed from the same branch circuit violet(+) brown(-) orange black red red 4-pin(2g11) 18-39w 40-50w 1 close open 2 1 open compact 4-pin(g24q, gx24q) 18-42w 18-32w 1 close. Wiring for instant start ballasts differs from that for rapid start ballasts and programmed start ballasts. In addition, the rapid and programmed start ballasts have two options for wiring when being connected with more than two T5 lamps (see figure 6)..

English: G24 is 2 or 4-pin lamps. 2-pin lamps contain starter like G23. 4-pin lamps can work using inductor and starter or electronic ballast.. UL Type A (ballast compatible) wiring diagram for installation of all ETech LED A2 Series FASTFIT T8 linear and Ubend models using NON SHUNTED G13 Bi-PIN SOCKETS.. 2006-47sp-1 rev a due to a program of continuous improvement, fulham co., inc reserves the right to make any variation in design or construction to the equipment described..

2006-27SP-2 rev L 18 + 1” 18 + 1” 36 + 1” WIRE BLACK WHITE RED BLUE YELLOW BROWN LENGTH - INCHES MECHANICAL DATA WIRING DIAGRAMS Where : L = Length, W = Width, H = Height NOTE : This Ballast Must Be Grounded. extra terminals fed the fifth pin used on the early ECUs and are not required with the performance four pin ECU. 6. On the first connector of the new ballast resistor, plug the terminal containing the 14 gauge brown wire onto one terminal of the new ballast resistor..

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